U-Jin Brand Review

AuthorSeptember 25, 2020

AKA: N/AGenre: Ecchi comedyLength: OAV, 45 minutesDistributor: VHS from US Manga Corps out of print.Content Rating: 16+ (intercourse, profanity)Related Series: N/AAlso Recommended: Notes: Based on three manga quick tales by U-Jin.
The character of Toyama no Benbei is a weak parody of the historic “playboy” Toyama no Kinsan.Rating: U-Jin Brand


U-Jin Brand is a set of three quick and fairly foolish tales about lecherous guys and the gals who like to be taken by them. The first story offers with a superstitious pop song-writer with a behavior of sleeping with every of the stunning singers he writes songs for. The second and third tales cowl the adventures of Toyama no Benbei, a good-looking man who, in change for a replica of a well-liked pc sport title, will seduce/rape a girl for you. Mr. Benbei’s providers are sometimes used for the needs of blackmail or to chase a rival suitor away.

Okay, here is the deal. From the again of the field, I suspected that U-Jin Brand was in all probability some form of ecchi factor, however I figured, what the hey. I imply, it is quick, and it is distributed by US Manga Corps, a mainstream firm, not like Anime 18, or Softcel Pictures, and even ADV. So how unhealthy may it’s, huh?
Pretty darn unhealthy, apparently. U-Jin Brand takes the phrase “gratuitous” and elevates it to the next airplane of existence. There may be very little to redeem U-Jin Brand; certainly, U-Jin Brand has little to redeem itself with within the first place. If nothing else, one can view this factor as a case examine of tips on how to take one thing mediocre and switch it wretched.
The technical facets of U-Jin Brand correspond to the mediocrity. Everything — artwork, animation, and music — is of common high quality, with little to differentiate it from another anime title you will discover. This in itself would not be so unhealthy, as long as the plot and characters are fascinating sufficient to hold the title by.
And, in fact, they don’t seem to be. The plots of every of the three shorts are a number of orders of magnitude thinner than the minimal distance the human eye can readily distinguish. Each story serves as a weak means to proceed from inane intercourse scene to inane intercourse scene. The “characters” (a misnomer at greatest) are all stereotyped and one-dimensional and might match into both of two classes: males who reside for nothing however to get beneath a girl’s skirt, and ladies who reside to have their skirts gotten beneath. One will get the impression that the entire thing was written by a bunch of fifteen year-old boys proper after seeing their favourite blue film.
In quick, that is one title to keep away from, not solely due to the gratuitous intercourse and offensive stereotypes (which I ought to have seen coming, sure), but additionally due to the overall lack of the rest that is perhaps thought of high quality. U-Jin Brand manages to demean the viewers’s intelligence, its creators’, women and men usually, and all of anime for that matter.

— Raphael See

Recommended Audience: Another one positively not for youths. Lots of intercourse and non-casual nudity and a few profanity. Of course, in the event you’re an grownup and also you watch this (myself included), you deserve what you get. Ugh.

Version(s) Viewed: VHS, Japanese with English subtitles

Review Status: Full (1/1)
U-Jin Brand © 1991 U-Jin / Seiyo / Animate Film

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