Go Nagai, Dyanmic Pro Pen 'Ken no Oni' 1-Shot Manga for Young Magazine

AuthorSeptember 14, 2020

This yr’s 40th concern of Kodansha’s Young Magazine revealed on Monday that Go Nagai and his Dynamic Pro studio will pen a brand new one-shot manga titled “Ken no Oni” (Sword Demon). The manga will likely be 47-pages lengthy, and can have fun the journal’s 40th anniversary.

The manga’s story will revolve across the future that entangles legendary grasp swordsmen Miyamoto Musashi and his opponent Sasaki Kojiro (“Ken no Oni” is a typical moniker utilized to Kojiro).

Nagai debuted as a manga artist in 1967 with Meakashi Polikichi and went on to create many traditional and genre-defining works, together with Cutie Honey, Devilman, Mazinger Z, Getter Robo, and Harenchi Gakuen. In current years, he has continued to pen new spinoffs, corresponding to his ongoing Devilman Saga manga. He has additionally serialized the autobiographical Gekiman! manga in regards to the creation of his varied notable titles.

Source: Young Magazine concern 40

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