Gleipnir episode 1 anime review Review

AuthorOctober 8, 2020

Gleipnir’s first episode pings between being an enchanting psychological thriller and a creepy erotic comedy. It begins bizarre and solely will get weirder.

Plot abstract

Shuichi has a secret: that, for some unknown cause, he’s immediately capable of rework right into a monster. He additionally has… urges. Dead animals, women, hazard. He can sense all of them, intensely so, and has hassle resisting them.

Is the Gleipnir anime any good?

Before seeing this, I have to admit I’d picked up the odd murmuring that Gleipnir begins bizarre and solely will get weirder. This first episode pings between being an enchanting psychological thriller and a creepy erotic comedy. It has the “boy getting caught staring at a girl’s panties scene” that’s been repeated in anime advert infinitum, however then additionally has the traditional “adrenaline-fueled giant teddy bear on the verge of sexually assaulting a girl” scene. A lady that later seems to be one thing of a suicidal psychopath. Yup. Where that is all headed is anybody’s guess, however since I’m keen on a messy sexual apocalypse, let’s see how far Gleipnir dares to go.

Stray notes on Gleipnir

I couldn’t assist however examine Gleipnir to Flowers of Evil (Aku no Hana). Claire dominates Shuichi like Nakamura does Kasuga, exploiting each his lust and his disgrace to bend him to her will. The secret they share, that he almost raped her, is akin to Nakamura catching Kasuga stealing women’ gymnasium garments. From this level on, simply as in Flowers of Evil, she will break him down, proper to his very core.The phrase “Gleipnir” is from Norse mythology: it’s the chain that binds “the mighty wolf Fenrir”. Who is Gleipnir on this story? Considering how Claire dominates Shuichi, I suppose it’s her, with him forged as Fenrir.After Interspecies Reviewers was pulled from streaming final season, you’d’ve thought that Funimation had had sufficient of such risque, sexually charged anime?What did you consider Gleipnir‘s first episode? Anime doesn’t get a lot stranger than this, does it?

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