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Le Chevalier D’Eon: 1x23

Out Of The Deepest Love

Upon witnessing the deaths of the Queen and Anna, Robin shoots on the king, however Broglie protects him and permits him to flee. D’Eon sees one other of Lia’s reminiscences of her and Maximilien, discovering out that he had proposed to her and that she had agreed fortunately, and that Maximilien disliked the King for holding him and Lia aside. Maximilien deserted the King’s orders for him to go to Russia, stealing the Royal Psalms and giving them to Lia for her to learn as a substitute. While she manages to learn the Psalms, she wrote Maximilien a letter claiming that she was unable to take action and rejecting his love. Meanwhile, Maximilien approaches a now hateful Robin, commenting that Robin’s capability to truly carry the Psalms is an indication that the Psalms need change to happen in France, and telling him to take revenge for his murdered buddies. D’Eon is chased down by palace guards, however Lorenza kills them, and as soon as free he visits Anna’s coffin. He then sneaks into Broglie’s room and forces him to carry him to the King’s chambers. Lia then takes over, asking the King whether or not he was answerable for the deaths of Anna, Queen Marie, and Lia herself.

Feb. 17, 2007
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