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Hellsing: 1x13


This episode opens with the fierce battle between Incognito and Lord Alucard. Eventually, because the battle ensues, Incognito manages to “destroy” Alucard along with his personal “bullets that store the power of the human God”. Near the start of this battle Ceras Victoria turned injured and realizes she should drink blood to heal herself, she discovers her first style of true blood from her fallen grasp. Disgusted at her show of ignorance, Incognito leaves the scene to summon a demon from Hell. Incognito manages to summon Set, a snake-like creature who’s the Egyptian God of Evil and of Chaos, the Desert, and Foreign Lands, from which he plans to merge his physique with and develop insurmountable ranges of energy. As Integra Hellsing flees, her servant and closest buddy, Walter, sacrifices himself in order that Integra would possibly reside. Unfortunately for Walter, his sacrafice appears to be in vein as Integra is captured by Incognito and used to help within the summoning of Set. As her blood is drained by the No

Hellsing: 1×13
Jan. 16, 2002
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