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Kusunoki Yua-San goes to talk to detective Ban about the New gen incidents and Takumi, Ban asks her if she is the sister twin sister Mia-San, the victim of the first New-Gen incident/event, she replies in yes. Ban receives a call that a 6th New gen incident has occurred. Takumi also finds out about the 6th occurrence from the internet; 3 victim’s bodies were mutilated, the 3 were the one’s that attacked Takumi in episode 7. He believes that Shogun is targeting him. Going through old stuff stored in boxes he comes across an old scribbling with the words “Ir2” on it. Meanwhile, Yua-San tells the detective about Sena’s sword and Kishimoto being able to split in two. The scientist sitting next to the detective asks about the Gero-frogs hanging from Yua’s bag, she tells them they are available and new designs come out on Fridays with long lines of people waiting for them. Takumi goes to visit Kishimoto in the hospital where she tells him that he is one of the seven knights of Galadiale, currently suffering the divine punishment as a trial towards his Di-Sword. Takumi is surprised to believe this, and then Kishimoto tells him about her punishment and ability to summon her Di-Sword afterwards. Takumi goes to his trailer with Rimi and finds Sena on top of it. Sena asks if he has drawn the eyed monster with the equation Ir2 on it, Takumi says yes, at that moment Sena jumps towards him with her sword to attack but Rimi summons her Di-Sword and defends him; Takumi has still no idea what Ir2 is. Sena dodges Rimi and goes through to attack Takumi, Rimi defends Takumi by forcing the delusion on Sena’s mind that her father is in front of her. Takumi asks what is so important with an scribble, Sena tells him that this equation is the source and essential element in Norose’s Noah II. This equation is what separates giglomaniacs and normal humans. Kizoue tells about an old man’s prophecy. Takumi thanks Rimi for saving his life and Rimi asks Takumi if he’s going home, he says yes, she tells him that things won’t remain same if he goes. Takumi tells her that he has to see Nanami, when Takumi reaches the spot where his house was he is surprised to see that his house is no more there, Rimi tells him that he has no house in this world. At the end of the episode an old man, in a wheelchair, is seen exiting the hospital.

ChäoS;HEAd: 1×9
Dec. 04, 2008
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