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ChäoS;HEAd: 1x8


Takumi is still waiting for Rimi to go to school but she was not around yet. It started since the day of the earthquake. Kozu-pii later asked Takumi in attacking Nozomi Technology. Takumi refuses and Kozu-pii started crying causing their classmates to rumor about them. He then went out with her outside to avoid another trouble. Sena was waiting for them outside and convinced him in coming with them. Takumi then joined them and Kozu-pii named their group Gigalomaniac Trio. They are aiming to destroy Noah II. To start the operation, they entered the research facility of the company as Executives. Meanwhile, Rimi was seen talking to the old man Takumi saw in the streets of Shibuya. Back to the Trio, they found Noah II but Norose, Nozomi Technology’s President appeared and stopped them. Takumi saw Sena’s past and her real name is Hatano Sena not Aoi Sena. When they were about to be killed, Ayase or FES appeared and helped them. Ayase collapsed after then. Norose was frozen due to Ayase but he made Sena and Kozue fight each other knowing it is him they are fighting with. Takumi cancelled the particles sent by Norose on the girls’ blind spot unknowingly. Sena was able to defeat Norose and Kozu-pii destroyed Noah II. They found out that it was only a prototype even Norose. Takumi went to school the next day and Rimi too. Takumi was overjoyed. Norose appeared on a rooftop and is talking to his Di-sword.

ChäoS;HEAd: 1×8
Nov. 27, 2008
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