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ChäoS;HEAd: 1x6


Yua comes to Takumi’s class and he runs away screaming. He is found by Rimi and finally agrees to allow Rimi to support him and he begins walking to and from school with her. After school Rimi and Takumi go to a café and he begins to fill her in on his encounter with Shogun. At this time a protest against the New Gen events passes by the café. Back at his place Takumi tries to call upon his real di-sword while holding the fake one, but Rimi stops him. Rimi leaves to get more soda, and while she is gone Takumi finds out that his old psychiatrist has been the victim of the 5th New Gen incident. Meanwhile Sena destroys a device made by Nozomi in someone’s backpack. The next day Takumi learns more about finding his di-sword from Ayase. After school Rimi walks Takumi home and he tries to tell her about his possible power to make delusions real but she doesn’t believe him. Ban goes to see Katsuko Momose to learn more about the New Gen events. Meanwhile Takumi gets a call from Shogun, but decides not to answer it, and then suddenly a strange earthquake hits Shibuya with a very loud alarm-like noise.

ChäoS;HEAd: 1×6
Nov. 13, 2008
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