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ChäoS;HEAd: 1x5


Takumi finds out from Rimi and Daisuke that the police are investigating the school. Yua catches Takumi in his attempt to hide from her after she requests to meet with him again. She tells him he has multiple personalities and to stop killing people. Takumi runs, but he is pursued and eventually runs into Ayase who helps him escape. Ayase takes him to the subway. There Ayase shows Takumi her di-sword by pulling it out of empty space. She tells Takumi the swords come from parallel worlds existing in the same dimension as the real world, which she refers to as delusions, delusions projected into the real world by people with certain powers. When Takumi gets home he finds an e-mail from Grim with a link to a video of the first New Gen case, the Group Dive, and Takumi realizes the video was filmed by Shogun.

ChäoS;HEAd: 1×5
Nov. 06, 2008
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