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B’TX: 1x1

Miracle! The Revival of B't X

Teppei’s brother Kotaro is a scientific genius and is kidnapped by the Machine Empire. Teppei gives chase and ends up in the Area of the Machine Empire! He is attacked by the B’t Madonna and her donor Metal Face. Badly injured and bleeding everywhere, Teppei fights back, but he’s no match for the B’t Madonna! However, Teppei’s blood reactivates X, whose body had been buried in the scrap pile. Once again active, X breaks free of the scrap, while Madonna has to take her donor Metal Face back to the Machine Empire for treatment. He had been seriously injured by Teppei just moments earlier. Meanwhile, Kotaro awakens in the Machine Empire. Major Aramis tells him about the Area and the B’t’s. She also starts to explain about the ultimate B’t – Raphael. Asked to join them, Kotaro turns them down. He has faith in his brother and knows Teppei will be coming to save him! Episode summary graciously provided by Vortex Fansubs

Apr. 06, 1996
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